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Mission ミッション

Dive into nature
Creating opportunities
to createAccess to the Earth

Start a fire yourself, and cook.
Warm up in the sauna, and run outside naked.
Brew coffee and watch the starry sky.
Read a book slowly and listen to the wind.
Spend time outside with pets, children, and loved ones.
Through Earthboat, we are
helping many people
to dive into nature
creating opportunities.

Profile 会社概要

Company Name Earthboat Corporation
Location 379-2 Nojiri, Shinano Town, Kamiminochi District, Nagano Prefecture
Establishment 2022
Capital 67,000,000yen (including capital reserve)
Representative President and CEO Yoshiwara Goh

Recruitment 採用情報

We are looking for members to create Earthboat with us.
We are not just a trailer house manufacturer. We provide Earthboat to those who want to open inns nationwide and want to utilize their land, and we offer a system to create inns together.

There is an environment that can meet the expectations of those who want to join us at the startup phase. We are waiting for applications from those who are interested in Earthboat and want to create a village with us!

Recruitment site is here


Team チーム

  • Yoshiwara Go

    President / Yoshiwara Goh

    Born in Nagano Prefecture in 1982. Managed LIG Corporation from 2007 to 2022 and was engaged in the IT industry. Director of LAMP Corporation. Founded Earthboat Corporation in 2022 and became its President. Grew up in a family that ran an outdoor school, engaging in activities like kayaking, skiing, and mushroom picking from childhood. After spending a long time in the IT industry in Tokyo, returned to Shinano Town, Nagano, to pursue a business centered on outdoor experiences and the allure of rural nature.


    Architecture and Design

    Founded in 2017 by Yuri Yagi and Kazumasa Takada in Copenhagen, moved to London in 2019 and operates globally. While exploring the role of architecture in a diverse society, engages in a wide range of productions including architectural design, art installations, and product design. At Earthboat, proposes designs centered on CLT, utilizing domestic materials and manufacturing efficiency, creating architecture that moves people.

  • B&H Inc

    Brand Design and Creative

    B&H is a brand design firm that instigates transformation into sophisticated brands, composed of experts in business and strategy, architecture and interior design, photography and editing, products and packaging, advertising and graphics, web and digital domains.

  • Mori Future Corporation

    Wood Procurement and Coordination

    Connects wood producers with buyers to support the use of domestic wood and contribute to sustainable Japanese forestry. At Earthboat, is responsible for procuring wood centered on CLT.

  • TIC Plan LLC

    Earthboat Assembly and Manufacturing

    A group of wooden construction professionals based in Katori City, Chiba, centering on three childhood friends. Specializes in engaging in construction with a passionate approach, including renovating old houses, traditional construction methods, and 2x4 construction techniques. Despite a shortage of craftsmen, also focuses on training newcomers, tackling any job with sincerity, building Earthboat with smiles and fun.

  • LAMP Corporation

    Sauna Supervision / Interior Production

    Operates inns in Nojiri Lake, Nagano, Bungo-Ono, Oita, and Iki Island, Nagasaki. Equipped with The Sauna and other outdoor saunas, these facilities are highly popular among sauna enthusiasts. Supervises the sauna section of Earthboat, producing high-quality Finnish-style saunas.



Costs and implementation schedules vary depending on the required features and the scale of the customer's store.

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