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  • Company Name

    Earthboat Co., Ltd.

  • Location

    379-2 Nojiri, Shinano Town, Kamiminochi District, Nagano Prefecture

  • Established


  • Business Activities

    • Manufacturing and sales of saunafied trailer houses
    • Operation and support of facilities related to saunafied trailer houses
    • Operation of a reservation site for saunafied trailer houses
  • Capital

    1,000,000 yen

  • Representative

    President and CEO: Go Yoshiwara


  • Goh Yoshiwara

    Director and Representative Executive Officer

    Born in 1982 in Nagano Prefecture. From 2007 to 2022, he managed LIG Co., Ltd., engaged in the IT industry. Director of LAMP Co., Ltd. Founded Earthboat Co., Ltd. in 2022 and assumed the position of Representative Director. Raised in a family that runs an outdoor school, he engaged in activities such as kayaking, skiing, wild vegetable and mushroom picking from a young age. Despite having a long career in the IT industry in Tokyo, he decided to return to Nagano's Shinano Town to establish a business focused on the charm of rural nature and outdoor experiences.


    Design and Architecture

    Founded in 2017 by Yuriko Yagi and Kazumasa Takada in Copenhagen, PAN-PROJECTS relocated its base to London in 2019 and has been active globally. Exploring the role of architecture in diverse societies, PAN-PROJECTS engages in a wide range of creations, including architectural design, art installations and product design. For Earthboat they propose designs primarily using CLT emphasizing the use of domestic materials, optimizing manufacturing efficiency and creating architectural designs that resonate with people's hearts.

  • B&H Inc.

    Brand Design and Creative

    B&H is a brand design firm that brings together specialists in business, strategy, architecture, interior design, photography, editing, products, packaging, advertising and graphics as well as the fields of web and digital. They inspire transformations into sophisticated brands.

  • SHINMIRAI Co., Ltd.

    Wood Sourcing and Coordination

    Mori Mirai connects wood producers and buyers to support the use of domestically sourced wood, aiming to contribute to sustainable forestry in Japan. They are responsible for sourcing wood, primarily CLT, for Earthboat.

  • TIC Plan LLC

    Earthboat Assembly and Manufacturing

    TIC Plan LLC is a group of professionals in wooden construction centered around three childhood friends in Katori City, Chiba Prefecture. With extensive experience in the renovation of old houses, traditional construction methods, and 2x4 construction, they encountered Earthboat during their exploration of new constructions using CLT. Despite the shortage of craftsmen, they focus on nurturing the next generation to tackle any job with determination. Each member approaches their work with sincerity and passion, working together with a unified spirit to construct Earthboat joyfully and with smiles.

  • LAMP Inc.

    Sauna Supervision / Interior Production

    LAMP Inc. operates accommodations in Lake Nojiri, Nagano, Bungo Ohno, Oita, and Iki Island, Nagasaki. Each facility is equipped with outdoor saunas, including 'The Sauna' making them popular destinations for many sauna enthusiasts. They oversee the sauna section of Earthboat, ensuring the production of high-quality Finnish-style saunas.