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Accommodation Agreement

  • Article 1(Application of This Agreement)

    1. The accommodation contract concluded between the hotel and the guest, as well as contracts related to it, shall be governed by the terms of this agreement. Matters not stipulated in this agreement shall be governed by laws or established general customs.
    2. Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the hotel may, within the scope that does not contravene the purpose of this agreement, laws, and customs, agree to special arrangements.
  • Article 2 (Refusal to Conclude Accommodation Contract)

    The hotel may refuse to conclude an accommodation contract in the following cases:

    1. When the application for accommodation does not comply with this agreement.
    2. When there is no availability of rooms due to full occupancy.
    3. When it is recognized that the person intending to stay may engage in acts contrary to laws and regulations, public order, or good morals regarding accommodation.
    4. When the person intending to stay is recognized as a designated organized crime group, a designated organized crime group federation, or a member, associate, or other antisocial forces (hereinafter referred to as "antisocial forces") under the "Act on Prevention of Unjust Acts by Organized Crime Group Members" (Boryokudan) and Related Persons.
    5. When the person intending to stay is recognized as a corporation or other organization where antisocial forces dominate business activities.
    6. When the person intending to stay is a corporation or other organization, and an officer or director qualifies as an antisocial force.
    7. When the person intending to stay is clearly recognized as suffering from a contagious disease.
    8. When an unreasonable burden is imposed on the accommodation beyond a rational scope.
    9. When accommodation cannot be provided due to natural disasters, facility malfunctions, or other unavoidable reasons.
    10. When the person intending to stay may significantly disturb other guests.
    11. When the person intending to stay has engaged in behaviors that significantly disturb other guests.
    12. When the person intending to stay has engaged in behaviors that obstruct the business activities of the hotel's officers or employees, etc.
    13. When there is a concern that the person intending to stay may bring dangerous items (stoves, etc.), drugs prohibited by law or harmful substances to the human body.
    14. When the person intending to stay has been subject to the application of Article 6, Paragraph 1, Items 1, 4, or 5 in the past.
    15. Other reasonable grounds.
  • Article 3(Declaration of Name, etc.)

    1. A person who intends to apply for an accommodation contract with the hotel shall provide the following information to the hotel through the hotel reservation website:
      • The address, name, and telephone number of the guest.
      • Accommodation date, expected arrival time, telephone number, and name of the applicant.
      • Other information that the hotel deems necessary.
    2. If a guest, during their stay, requests to extend the accommodation beyond the accommodation date specified in item 2 of the preceding paragraph, the hotel will process it as a new application for an accommodation contract at the time the request is made.
  • Article 4(Formation of Accommodation Contract, etc.)

  • Article 5

    1. If an applicant for an accommodation contract cancels the entire or part of the accommodation contract, the hotel may charge a cancellation fee according to the provisions posted on the hotel reservation website:
      • Cancellation 2 days before the accommodation date: 50% of the accommodation fee
      • Cancellation on the day before the accommodation date: 80% of the accommodation fee
      • Cancellation on the day of accommodation or no-show without notice: 100% of the accommodation fee
    2. In the event that a guest fails to arrive without prior notice after midnight on the accommodation date (or 2 hours after the specified arrival time, if indicated in advance), the hotel may consider the accommodation contract to be canceled by the applicant.
    3. In the case mentioned in the preceding paragraph, if it is proven that the guest's failure to arrive without prior notice after midnight on the accommodation date (or 2 hours after the specified arrival time, if indicated in advance) is due to reasons not attributable to the guest, such as delays in public transportation such as trains and airplanes, the hotel will not charge the cancellation fee specified in paragraph 1.
  • Article 6(Cancellation of Accommodation Contract by the Hotel)

    1. The hotel may cancel the accommodation contract in the following cases:
      • When the guest falls under any of the items from Article 2, paragraph 3, to item 15.
      • When the guest fails to provide the information specified in each item of Article 3, paragraph 1.
      • When the hotel has requested payment of the reservation fee as specified in Article 4 and the payment is not made by the deadline.
      • When a person other than the guest is allowed to enter the guest room.
      • When smoking in bed, tampering with firefighting equipment, or violating other prohibitions stipulated in the hotel's rules of use.
    2. In the event that the hotel cancels the accommodation contract based on the provisions of the preceding paragraph, if the hotel has already received a reservation fee, the hotel will refund the remaining amount after deducting the accommodation fee up to the cancellation of the accommodation contract from the received reservation fee.
  • Article 7 (Registration of Accommodation)

    The guest shall register the following items with the hotel on the hotel's reservation site at the time of confirming the reservation for accommodation:

    1. The matters specified in Article 3, paragraph 1, item 1.
    2. Departure date.
    3. Any other matters deemed necessary by the hotel.
  • Article 8(Check-in/Check-out Time)

    1. The time at which guests can check into the hotel (check-in time) is from 3:00 PM, and the time at which guests must check out of the hotel (check-out time) is 11:00 AM.
    2. The hotel, as a general rule, does not extend the check-out time beyond 11:00 AM.
    3. The period from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM is designated as the time for room cleaning.
    4. Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraphs, the hotel may change the check-in time and check-out time.
  • Article 9(Payment of Fees)

    1. Please pay the accommodation fee online at the time of reservation.
    2. Even if a guest does not stay after commencing the use of the room, the accommodation fee will not be refunded.
  • Article 10(Compliance with Rules)

    Guests must adhere to the rules established by the hotel while within the hotel premises.

  • Article 11(Hotel's Liability)

    1. The hotel's liability based on the accommodation contract begins when the guest checks in and ends when the guest exits the room to depart.
    2. In the event that the hotel is unable to provide a room to the guest due to reasons attributable to the hotel, except in cases where it is difficult to arrange alternative accommodation under the same or similar conditions due to force majeure or other unavoidable reasons, the hotel will arrange alternative accommodation with the same or similar conditions. In such cases, if the accommodation fee for one night at the arranged accommodation exceeds the accommodation fee for one night at the hotel booked at the time of reservation, the hotel will pay the difference.
  • Article 12 (Handling of Deposited Items)

    The hotel shall not be liable for the loss, damage, or any other harm to items brought into the hotel by the guest, unless such loss, damage, or harm is due to intentional or gross negligence on the part of the hotel.

  • Article 13 (Storage of Baggage or Personal Belongings)

    After checking out, if a guest leaves behind any baggage or personal belongings, the hotel will store them for a period of seven days, including the day of discovery. After this period, valuable items will be handed over to the nearest police station, and other items will be disposed of. For food and beverages, as well as magazines, they will be stored only on the day of discovery and disposed of after that day.

  • Article 14(Parking Responsibility)

    If a guest uses the hotel's parking lot, whether or not they deposit the vehicle's keys, the hotel provides a parking space and does not assume responsibility for the management of the parked vehicle. However, if damage is caused due to intentional or gross negligence in the management of the parking lot by the hotel, the hotel will be responsible for compensation.

  • Article 15(Guest Responsibility)

    If a guest intentionally or negligently causes damage to the hotel, the hotel may seek compensation for the incurred damages from the guest.

  • Article 16(Exclusive Agreement Jurisdiction and Governing Law)

    Any disputes arising from this agreement shall be resolved in accordance with Japanese law, and the exclusive jurisdiction for such disputes shall be the court with jurisdiction over the location of the hotel's main office in Japan.

Hotel Rules and Regulations

  • To ensure the public nature of the hotel and the safety and comfort of our guests, customers using the hotel are required to adhere to the following rules based on Article 10 of the Accommodation Rules. Failure to comply with these rules may result in the termination of the accommodation contract under Article 6 of the Accommodation Rules.

    1. Please do not use the guest room for purposes other than accommodation without permission.
    2. Do not sublet the guest room without permission.
    3. Please do not use the guest room as an office or business office without permission.
    4. Do not use any items that may produce an open flame for heating, cooking, or pressing, except for those installed by the hotel for guest use.
    5. 施設の破損・汚損・破壊について
      • 利用前に施設の破損・汚損を発見された場合、速やかにスタッフまでご連絡ください。
      • 通常の利用で想定しえない破損・汚損・破壊があった場合、修理費等の請求をいたしますと共に、今後のご利用をお断りいたします。あらかじめご了承ください。
    6. For fire prevention, do not smoke in areas other than designated smoking areas and places specified by the hotel.
    7. Please avoid loud voices, singing, or noisy behavior that may cause discomfort or disturbance to other guests in the hotel and guest rooms.
    8. Please do not bring the following items into the hotel:
      • Items that emit a foul odor.
      • A significantly large quantity of items.
      • Items that are easily flammable or combustible, such as gunpowder or volatile oils.
      • Items such as firearms, swords, or drugs that are not legally permitted for possession.
      • Any other items that the hotel deems may compromise the safety or comfort of other guests.
    9. Please refrain from engaging in activities such as gambling that violate public order and morals.
    10. Do not invite third parties other than registered guests into your room.
    11. Please do not use hotel facilities or items for purposes other than their intended use.
    12. Do not take hotel items outside the premises or move them to other locations.
    13. Do not attach items to the hotel building or facilities, or move them to other places.
    14. Avoid displaying items that may damage the appearance of the hotel on windows or elsewhere.
    15. If you need to change the number of nights of your stay, please notify us in advance through the online platform.
    16. If you wish to extend your stay, please make the payment for the extended nights at the time of the extension request.
    17. For your valuable and expensive items, please carry them with you when leaving your room.
    18. サウナの利用について次の点にご注意ください
      • 体調が悪い場合、無理なご利用は控えてください。
      • アルコールを摂取してのサウナ利用は、固くお断りいたします。
      • サウナ室へのアルコールの持ち込みはできません。
      • 貴金属/アクセサリーを身に着けてのご利用はやけどをする恐れがありますので外して利用してください。
      • サウナストーンに水をかける(ロウリュ)と、水蒸気が一気に発生いたします。火傷にご注意ください。
      • サウナストーンへの水かけ(ロウリュ)については、1回あたり柄杓1杯〜2杯程度でお願いいたします。水を一気にかけると、水が蒸発せずにストーブにかかり、故障の原因となります。万が一、水のかけ過ぎで故障してしまった場合、修理費用に加えて、休業損害費用についてもご負担いただきますので、予めご了承ください。
    19. The following organizations or individuals will be refused the use of various facilities within the hotel:
      • Individuals or members associated with designated organized crime groups or designated organized crime group federations as defined by the "Act on Prevention of Unjust Acts by Organized Crime Groups," and other anti-social forces (hereinafter referred to as "anti-social forces").
      • Individuals associated with corporations or other organizations where anti-social forces control business activities.
      • Individuals engaged in acts such as assault, injury, threats, extortion, or intimidating unjust demands.
      • Individuals who, due to mental exhaustion, self-loss caused by drugs, or similar reasons, may have difficulty ensuring their own safety or may pose a risk of danger, fear, or anxiety to other guests.
      • Individuals who, despite receiving a warning from the hotel regarding a violation of the hotel rules, did not immediately cease the prohibited behavior.


    1. ポイントの付与について
      • 株式会社アースボート(以下「当社」といいます。)は、当社が運営するEarthboat予約サイト(以下「当サイト」といいます。)において、プレミアム会員がポイント付与の対象となる宿泊サービス(以下「付与対象宿泊」といいます。)を予約したとき、また会員費を支払ったときにポイントを付与します。
      • ポイントは、当サイト以外での宿泊予約に対しては付与されません。
      • ポイントは、プレミアム会員が当サイトで付与対象宿泊を予約し、チェックアウトのタイミングまたは会員費を支払ったタイミングで付与されます。
      • 宿泊される前に、付与対象宿泊をキャンセルされた場合にはポイントは付与されません。
    2. ポイントの利用について
      • プレミアム会員は、保有するポイントを1ポイント1円相当分として宿泊予約時に利用することができ、利用ポイント分が宿泊料金、人数追加料金、清掃費、消費税から値引きされます。
      • 1回の予約でプレミアム会員が利用できるポイントの下限は10ポイント、上限は保有ポイントとなります。
      • 当サイト以外のサイトでは、ポイントは利用できません。
    3. プレミアム会員のポイントの有効期限と失効について
      • ポイントの有効期限は付与された日から6ヶ月間です。
      • ポイントを有効期限日までに利用しなかった場合、当該ポイントは自動的に失効します。
      • プレミアム会員を解約した場合または無料会員へ変更した場合、解約・変更時に保有していたポイントは自動的に失効します。
      • 失効したポイントは利用できません。
      • 当社は、失効したポイントについて何らの補償も行わず、一切の責任を負いません。
    4. その他ポイントについて
      • ポイント残高はマイページの予約情報の一覧のポイント情報でご確認いただけます。
      • ポイントについてのお問合せは問い合わせフォームよりお願いいたします。

Above, enacted on February 1, 2024.
Revised on February 3, 2024