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Lightweight structure like a boat. Lightweight structure like a boat.

to the Earth

Our Concept

01A whole new outdoor leisure

This island nation, blessed with the beauty of the four seasons and abundant water, holds untapped potential for further outdoor adventures. Beyond being developed as a resort destination, there lies a charm in seemingly ordinary vacant lands that have remained unchanged for generations, capturing the hearts of many. The Earthboat, a small vessel drifting on the vast ocean of the Earth, is equipped with everything needed to savor such naturally rich places in a way like never before.

02What’s Earthboat?

Earthboat is a trailer house-type accommodation designed for comfortable stays in nature. It elevates the camping experience, making outdoor enjoyment more comfortable for everyone. During your stay, you can start a fire yourself, engage in conversations while enjoying the scenery, and spend your time gazing at the starry sky feeling the breeze. Of course, you can bring your beloved dogs or cats with you. The interior is equipped with a kitchen, toilet, shower, and even a sauna, along with a cozy bedroom with a soft bed. Why not relax with your loved ones and immerse yourself in the beauty of the Earth during this leisurely time?

03The Earthboat sauna

During holidays spent in the great outdoors, make the most of nature on-site. Dive into rivers or seas with that spirit, start a bonfire, and immerse yourself fully in the natural surroundings. However, before you know it, your body might start feeling chilly, and you find yourself bundling up to endure. Nevertheless, the idea of staying outdoors becomes less appealing, and you might decide to cut your plans short and head to a hot spring. Despite being labeled as 'outdoor,' the truth is, the truly comfortable time spent outdoors is surprisingly short, have you ever felt that?

Japan is blessed with outdoor spots all around the country, but the opportunity to casually enjoy the outdoors in light clothing is limited to the hottest days of summer. However, it would be a shame to give up on outdoor activities for the rest of the year, as Japan's four seasons are full of charm.

Imagine if you could quickly warm up your body even after it gets cold, you could enjoy nature even more. That's where Earthboat's sauna comes in. With a private sauna installed in the cabin, you can not only sweat it out with high temperatures but also enter and exit as many times as you want while still fully clothed. Since you can step outside in a warm state at any time, you can not only play outdoors all day long but also comfortably enjoy outdoor activities in seasons other than the peak of summer

04The Earthboat architecture

Earthboat's architecture is dedicated to being "low-impact on nature." Built on the foundation of a trailer house, Earthboat eliminates the need to excavate the ground and lay foundations. This not only allows for quick installation but also ensures that, in the event of relocation or retreat, there is no need for extensive dismantling, enabling the land to be restored to its original state without major construction.

The construction utilizes Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT). This building method, which insulates through the thickness of the wood, provides a warmth reminiscent of log houses. All the wood used is domestically sourced, emphasizing collaboration with domestic forestry in the manufacturing process.

05What's Earthboat Village?

Earthboat's new project is focused on village development. Named "Earthboat Village", this project aims to pioneer and operate villages by utilizing vast, previously neglected lands or surplus sites. By installing around ten Earthboats at once, the project seeks to repurpose these areas and convey the charm of the region.

The project will kick off in the Kurohime area of Shinano Town, Nagano Prefecture, which also serves as Earthboat's base. The goal is to expand Earthboat Village throughout Japan in the future.

Earthboat Village Kurohime

The inaugural Earthboat Village is established in the Kurohime area of Shinano Town, Nagano Prefecture. This marks the starting point for village development in this location.

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Coming Soon

We are planning to establish Earthboat Villages in upcoming locations such as Kitakaruizawa and Hakuba. Additionally, we have plans for expansion nationwide.

We are recruiting partner companies and representatives from municipalities who would like to join us in pioneering Earthboat Village.

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