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It’s a tiny hotel with a sauna to become one with earth. The beauty of simplicity and functional quality fit the local climate condition. Over time, the architecture will blend in well with the surrounding nature as if it has been there for a long.


In Future

The future locations for expanding Earthboat Village.

Earthboat Earthboat Village is set to begin its expansion from Lake Nojiri and the Kurohime area in Shinano Town, Nagano Prefecture, and gradually extend its presence to the Kanto-Koshin region. Projects are underway in various locations such as North Karuizawa, Hakuba, Minakami in Gunma Prefecture, and Yamakitamachi in Kanagawa Prefecture.

  • North Karuizawa in Gunma Prefecture

  • Yamakitamachi in Kanagawa Prefecture

  • Hakuba in Nagano Prefecture

  • NOT A HOTEL locations

    Photo by KOZO TAKAYAMA